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Friday April 19th 2024

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In Praise of Messy

In Praise of Messy By Wendy Priesnitz I have begun work on a new book. It all started this past week with my pollen allergy, which seems worse this year than in the past. I remembered an article I wrote in 2002 about the fact that most people and cities plant just male clone trees because they are “litter-free,” meaning they do not drop [...]

Lazy Learning

Lazy Learning by Wendy Priesnitz “Education is hanging around until you’ve caught on.” ~ Robert Frost Few things seem to trouble parents more than the possibility our kids might be lazy. I guess it’s the legacy of that old Puritan Work Ethic – and you don’t have subscribe to any particular religion to suffer from it! Like our [...]

Homeschooling May Be a Lot Cheaper Than You Think

Homeschooling May Be a Lot Cheaper Than You Think By Linda Dobson Have you ever thought about how much money you wouldn't spend, and therefore wouldn't have to make, if you stayed home to educate and enjoy your children? Across the nation families are realizing the cost of a paycheck - in terms of taxes, time and worth when compared to their [...]

Parent at the Helm’s June 2011 Book Giveaway!

Parent at the Helm’s JUNE 2011 BOOK GIVEAWAY First, we offer hearty congratulations to Andrea, the winner of our May, 2011 Book Giveaway, Challenging Assumptions in Education by Wendy Priesnitz. Given there may be a postal strike in Canada, it will be interesting to see the route the book will take to reach the home of the winner! Thank you [...]

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education By Beth Balmanno Confession. We are kinda, sorta unschoolers in our household. Of course, relatives, friends, other homeschoolers – even clerks at the grocery store – always feel compelled to ask why we choose this particular approach to home learning. “How do you know they're [...]

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