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Tuesday June 4th 2024

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Transforming Family Life And Learning Through Homeschooling (Part One of Two)

By Linda Dobson After all enjoy their fill of oatmeal and fruit, and the last child laces up his boots and adjusts his hat against the winds, a mom and her three school-aged children wave at the school bus lumbering by and head off for a walk in the woods, instead. The children grow increasingly excited as they spy the tracks of three [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Schools Embracing Technology?

By Linda Dobson While homeschooling in the 80's, my kids got a kick out of learning with a computer. After all, we had the latest and greatest: a Commodore 64 complete with all those floppy disks (when floppy disks were actually somewhat floppy) that made learning fun. There were color and shape matching for the youngest, and the Oregon Trail [...]

Schools Closing; Public Ed Iceberg Is Melting

Yesterday’s Parent at the Helm news round-up titled “Top 50 Education Tech Blogs and More” included a report on a Wall Street Journal article about schools potentially turning to a four-day week in order to salvage jobs while continuing to function on shrinking budgets. As you might expect, many parents consider such a response to budget [...]

Top 50 Education Tech Blogs and More

Lots of interesting, education-related news and resources have hit over the last few days, so here’s a round-up of some of the most important for Parents at the Helm. TOP 50 EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY BLOGS From “The Learning Master,” 3.5.10 With so many to pick from, I hope you'll find something that makes your home learning experience [...]