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Tuesday March 21st 2023

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Public Schooling Revolt Begins; Will Last for Years – Part 3

The last of a three part series on the Public Schooling Revolt By Linda Dobson Okay. So far the money well is running dry. There are almost as many administrators in schools as there are students. The federal government, which has no business messing in schooling in the first place, is now calling the tunes from Washington to which your [...]

Public Schools In Crisis: Will Children Be Victims of A Failing Economy Today AND Tomorrow?

I'm sorry - when I read stories about the economy getting better, I just don't believe them. There's a man who stands sweltering in the hot sun, holding up his "Jobless, please help" sign near the entrance to the interstate every day. There is at least one Facebook friend daily announcing they, too, have become a worried statistic. There is the [...]