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Friday April 19th 2024

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Parents Are Responsible for Children’s Education…Period

Parents Are Responsible for Children's Education...Period BY LINDA DOBSON Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. ~ George Bernard Shaw Whatever you are thinking about your children's education at this point, one thing should be perfectly clear: The days of throwing blame for the condition of public school between [...]

The Time to Mine for Gold Is Now

The Time to Mine for Gold Is Now By Linda Dobson Please join me for a moment and think back to your schooling. Do you recall an over-arching message throughout the 12-17 years of all the lessons, talks, and goals of the time? If you're like most, the folks in charge of "educating" you stated - repeatedly - that you want to do well with your [...]

Early Warnings about Today’s Education Crisis

EARLY WARNINGS about Today's Education Crisis By Linda Dobson The warnings about education you are about to read were gathered in 1994 in preparation for The Art of Education, a book released in 1995. Education has not been fixed. Will you stand up to be part of the solution today? Time is running out. I can't help thinking of the Venetian [...]

The 4 Crucial Responsibilities to Accept Before Education Can Occur

The 4 Crucial Responsibilities to Accept Before Education Can Occur Part 1 By John Taylor Gatto I've cast about for some use this schoolteacher can be to an enterprise about education and found a way - I'm going to reflect on what kind of ground educational seeds grow best in, what needs to happen before an education does. True [...]

Imagine a Homeschooling Day

Imagine a Homeschooling Day Part 1 of 2 By Linda Dobson Would that this institution - or some institution - could become the University of Utopia. What will it be like? It will be the most enlightened institution of higher learning in the world today...Its only purpose is to educate. What a radically novel idea for an institution of higher [...]

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