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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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The Moms Who Grew Homeschooling

The Moms Who Grew Homeschooling By Linda Dobson The homeschooling movement unfolded largely through the dedication, creativity, open minds, patience, and tenacity of what were to become known as stay-at-home Moms who also chose to homeschool. As the homeschooling community was growing – then thriving – then gaining society’s [...]

Misplaced Lessons – Leaving Well Enough Alone

Veteran homeschooling mom, author, photographer, and unstoppable force behind the non-profit Learning Is for Everyone, Inc., Parent at the Helm is excited and humbled to have Terri Willingham join our family of guest commentators with her contribution that follows. Come, sail away with us! By Terri Willingham From the “Truth is [...]