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Sunday April 14th 2024

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Homeschooling Myth #2: Homeschooling takes place in isolation at home

Myth #2: Homeschooling takes place in isolation at home. When researchers got around to studying homeschooled children (that darn "education phenomenon" just won't go away!), they proved on paper what home educators already knew in their hearts - homeschooling works. There now exist enough studies to quiet even the most skeptical observer with [...]

It’s Time to Replace Schools with Learning Opps for Everyone

By Linda Dobson We can only guess if there was an equal amount of consensus against schooling before the Internet and social media. Regardless, today that consensus is obvious. The once lone voices of homeschool advocates sharing “a better way” are joined today by students, parents, journalists and, yes, even sometimes teachers who are [...]

Will the $4b Bribe Bring National Standards to U.S.? By Judy Aron

By Judy Aron Here comes yet another national power grab. The U.S. government has created proposed education standards, in cooperation with "experts" who were appointed by the nation's governors and school superintendents. These standards spell out in detail what concepts and skills students should learn in every grade from K [...]

National Curriculum Coming to a School Near You!

But don’t look for anything spoken of as “national curriculum.” Instead, it shall be called “common core” to “sidestep the federalism debate,” according to a 3.10.10 Washington Post article by Nick Anderson called “Governors, State School Superintendents to Propose Common Academic Standards.” Yes, we wouldn’t want a debate [...]