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Friday April 19th 2024

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10 Questions to Help Gauge the Quality of Your Child’s Education

10 Questions to Help Gauge the Quality of Your Child's Education BY LINDA DOBSON The way the public school system teaches is but one way to go about learning. Does your child awake on weekdays well rested and eager for the day's learning (education) to begin? While it seems to be a standing cultural joke, it's also a lie that all [...]

6 Reasons to Tell Your Straight-A Kid to Drop Out of School

6 Reasons to Tell Your Straight-A Kid to Drop Out of School BY SUKI WESSLING It was the 1980’s in a small town in in the Midwest. Educationally speaking, you had two options: the good public schools or the pretty awful Catholic school. My parents gave my sister one year with the nuns before they chose public school for her and the four [...]

Five FREE Ways to Improve Children’s Education

BY LINDA DOBSON 5 Free Ways to Improve Children's Education 1. Get rid of tests. But how do we know if they're learning anything? Talk to them, you know, like they're real human beings. 2. Let children learn the basics (reading, writing, basic arithmetic) by reading real books, writing for real purposes, and calculating for a [...]

Resources, Resources: Mars!

Resources, Resources: Mars! By Rebecca Rupp SCIENCE IN THE NEWS AND a great opportunity to guide your children to fun learning as Curiosity roams Mars! What with the Curiosity rover (what a great name – so homeschool) landing on Mars recently, it seems like a good time to investigate the Red Planet. Check out some of these [...]

Yes, You CAN Afford Homeschooling!

Yes, You CAN Afford Homeschooling! By Linda Dobson How much does homeschooling cost? As much as you can afford, and not a penny more. Like everything else about homeschooling, the amount of money you put into it is flexible. Spend what you can, but don't let a lack of "disposable income" stop you. Unlked school budgets, your budget can [...]

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