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Saturday January 28th 2023

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DIY platform enables fractional ownership of rarely used items

DIY platform enables fractional ownership of rarely used items From Springwise: We've seen the fractional ownership model applied to luxury goods including supercars, second homes, jets and high-end motorcycles. Aiming to expand the concept's reach, diyFractional is a site that helps people set up and manage shared ownership [...]

Buy One Plush Blankie, Another Is Donated

From the good folks at Springwise: Stuffed animals and security blankets tend to be favourite sleeping companions among young children, but the Happy Blankie—one of the cutest innovations we've seen in some time—combines both into one. Not only that, but for each Happy Blankie sold another is donated, resulting in not just double but [...]

Geo-textile Bags for Urban Farming

From the good folks at Springwise: Urban farming is a trend we've been following for years, but between the recession and the recent focus on sustainability, it's showing no sign of slowing down. The latest spotting? French Bacsac, which offers a line of geotextile bags that can be used to transform any space into a growing, living [...]

Guerrilla Gardeners in L.A.; Is Your Town Next?

The brainchild of Los Angeles-based Common Studio, Greenaid aims to facilitate what it calls “guerrilla gardening” in the many forgotten grey spaces of the urban world, including sidewalk cracks, vacant lots and parking medians. Toward that end, it has reclaimed a series of old, quarter-operated candy machines and converted them instead [...]

Art for Kids, House for Cats

Brought to you by the Springwise Newsletter of Feb. 10, 2010, it's art for kids, it's green, and your cat will love it...does it get better than this? (With the exception of dark chocolate, of course.) Pet products and eco-minded goods are both rapidly growing industries, but it's not every day we see them intersect. Sure enough, though, [...]