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Tuesday November 28th 2023

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival: Tuesdays Are for Reading!

Thank goodness for the Homeschooling Blog Carnival! Each week, you receive a gift of terrific reading on Tuesday. Today, you'll find it at Spirittibee. The edition is called "School Rooms and the Places We Learn." If you're wondering what a Blog Carnival is, here's the explanation located at the beginning of this week's: Just what is a [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Schools Embracing Technology?

By Linda Dobson While homeschooling in the 80's, my kids got a kick out of learning with a computer. After all, we had the latest and greatest: a Commodore 64 complete with all those floppy disks (when floppy disks were actually somewhat floppy) that made learning fun. There were color and shape matching for the youngest, and the Oregon Trail [...]