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Friday March 1st 2024

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Posts Tagged ‘simple frugal living’

New Life for Yogurt Cups

You've enjoyed the yogurt, and now you've got this neat little plastic cup. It's not built to last forever, but it's built well enough not to throw it away just yet. So what can you do with your collection? (Yes, I'm assuming you have a collection because I always had one.) A reader of This Old House, Mark Feroglia, shares 10 great ideas to get [...]

Geo-textile Bags for Urban Farming

From the good folks at Springwise: Urban farming is a trend we've been following for years, but between the recession and the recent focus on sustainability, it's showing no sign of slowing down. The latest spotting? French Bacsac, which offers a line of geotextile bags that can be used to transform any space into a growing, living [...]

Let’s Hear It for the Recession!

With this post your increasingly-popular Parent at the Helm Web site is hitting another growth spurt with the introduction of the "Simple Frugal Living" category. Why? It's because when Parents at the Helm get serious about living a family-centered/homeschooling lifestyle, usually something has to give way to make room for it - a simple fact of [...]