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Wednesday November 29th 2023

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FREE Unschooling Summit May 21 – June 1

Yes, you are invited to Michelle Barone's FREE Unschooling Summit running from May 21 to June 1! About Your Unschooling Summit Host First, let Michelle Barone, MA LMFT, DCEP, tell you a bit about what's up: "I will be your host of the Unschooling Summit and I look forwarding to sharing with you my personal experiences, success stories and [...]

First Look at the Groundbreaking Documentary *Class Dismissed: Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America*

Just Released! First Look at the Groundbreaking Documentary Class Dismissed: Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America Announcing the first look at the upcoming documentary, Class Dismissed : Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America, which will shatter preconceived notions around homeschooling and the families that [...]

15th Anniversary Edition of *The Art of Education* Available July 4th

15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education Available July 4th After letting it collect dust on the bookshelf, about a year ago I had cause to re-read a good portion of The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self. This was my first book. In it, I did my best to say everything I wanted to say because, admittedly, I [...]

Homeschooling Book of Answers Selected for Random House e-Publishing Program

What a nice surprise to go to my mailbox and find a letter from Random House "pleased to inform you that your title has been selected to be included in Random House's Electronic Book, or 'ebook,' publishing program." They were writing about the revised edition of The Homeschooling Book of Answers: The 101 Most Important Questions Answered by [...]