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Sunday January 29th 2023

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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Resources for Special Days By Becky Rupp

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill recently created by a leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico – now a blob of goo three times the size of Rhode Island that threatens Gulf fisheries, the Florida Keys, and the Louisiana coast – is hardly special in any positive sense of the world, but its prominence in the news gives us all a good opportunity to [...]

PARENT AT THE HELM’S May Book Giveaways!

In April, Juliana was our only winner. In May, Parent at the Helm is going to have TWO lucky winners! PARENT'S BOOK Home, The First School: A Homeschooling Guide to Early Childhood Education by Barbara Blake Hannah The winner of one May giveaway will receive a copy of Barbara Blake Hannah's Home: The First School: A Homeschooling [...]

Water Books for Fantasy Lovers! By Becky Rupp

Editor: As noted Saturday, here's a list to extend your Earth Day resources - especially for fantasy book lovers of all ages - enjoy, and get ready for Earth Day on Thursday. Water Books for Fantasy Lovers! by Becky Rupp In Rebecca Rupp’s The Waterstone (Candlewick, 2005), the world is drying. Twelve-year-old Tad — who is only a few inches [...]

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