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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Homeschooling Resources: COOKING!

Homeschooling Resources: COOKING!  BY REBECCA RUPP Any kids out there who like to cook? (Of course!) And, conveniently enough, it turns out that you can learn practically everything through cooking – science, history, literature, math, art – all while whipping up something yummy to eat. How good does it get? See below for books, [...]

HOMESCHOOLING RESOURCES: September is National Chicken Month!

Homeschooling Resources: September is National Chicken Month! Homeschooling resource queen Rebecca Rupp makes sure you won't run out of fun, educational reading and activities during September, National Chicken Month. By Rebecca Rupp Tillie, of Terry Golson’s Tillie Lays an Egg (Scholastic, 2009) lives with six other hens in the henhouse [...]