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Friday April 19th 2024

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WARNING: The U.S. College Degree Bubble Set to Burst

WARNING: The U.S. College Degree Bubble Set to Burst If you know anyone contemplating going into debt to get a college degree, please consider sharing this information with him/her for consideration. A press release from the National Inflation Association does not mince words regarding what experts have been eluding to for at least the past [...]

Forecast for Public Education: Stormy Seas with Winds of Change

In case you missed it, yesterday, March 4, was “Day of Action to Defend Public Education.” If your little one moseyed off to school undeterred, or if you’re one of more than two million homeschoolers, you may be wondering what public education needs to defend itself against. The answer, in one word, is reality. With the reality of an [...]