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Friday December 1st 2023

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Parents, It’s Time to Consider Your Educational Choices

Parents, It's Time to Consider Your Educational Choice I ran across Gerald Celente and the work of the Trends Research Institute back when homeschooling was in its infancy and the Institute predicted the growth of this educational choice would continue. They were right. That growth, I suspect, will today and in the foreseeable future be [...]

Is It Legal to Homeschool Other Peoples’ Children? By Carol Topp, CPA

Is It Legal to Homeschool Other Peoples' Children? By Carol Topp, CPA As a CPA that advises homeschool leaders, I am often asked if it is legal to homeschool other people's children. There are many ways to homeschool, from a completely home-based education to some sort of shared teaching through a homeschool co-op, on-line class or private [...]

Your Family’s Homeschooling Options by Mary McCarthy

The following piece by veteran homeschooler Mary McCarthy explains the different programs and approaches that utilize the term "homeschooling" to help your family as you begin to explore what your family might want to do with an educational option to public school. This basic outline should help save you a lot of time. As Mary suggests, it's [...]