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Friday April 12th 2024

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Every Parent Is a Perfect Learning Coach – Part Two

Every Parent Is a Perfect Learning Coach part two I'm a day late but hopefully not a dollar short - here is part two of "Every Parent Is a Perfect Learning Coach" to go with Part One that was published Wednesday. Hope you enjoy! More Reasons You're a Great Learning Coach for Your Child • Only You Can Eliminate the Perception of a Child [...]

When the School Doors Close: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The following was written in the year 2000 as a contribution to the book, Creating Learning Communities, the result of imagining the doors of government schools closing, allowing something new to grow in place of the stale monopoly, obsolete schooling. Society faces a controversy over the comparative merits of public schools and school choice. [...]

On Homeschooling and Reading with the Early Years Child

"The methods used are as individual as fingerprints. Once ready, homeschooled children learn to read at age 3 - or thirteen. They learn to read in one hour - or over the course of three years. They use workbooks - or comic books. They begin with easy readers - or Dad's Louis L'Amour novels. Their preparedness includes phonics or whole [...]