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Sunday April 14th 2024

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Parent at the Helm’s June Book Giveaway Winner!

Parent at the Helm's June Book Giveaway Winner! Whose number was chosen as the winner of Patricia Kokinos' wonderful novel, Angel Park? The winner who will read the story of the stress and politics of America's public school system is Ani K. Congratulations, Ani! Many thanks to Patti for making this book available to Parent at the Helm [...]

And the Winner of the Historic Homeschooling Magazine Giveaway Is…

And the Winner of the Historic Homeschooling Magazine Giveaway Is... Congratulations to #33 - you won the collection of Home Education Magazines spanning 20 years. Within the pages of these publications you'll find a collection of wisdom from dozens and dozens and dozens of experienced homeschooling families. The collection also serves as a [...]

Parent at the Helm’s JUNE BOOK GIVEAWAY

Parent at the Helm's JUNE BOOK GIVEAWAY Angel Park by Patricia Kokinos Right out of today’s headlines, Angel Park tells the story of a corrupt and bureaucratic system that is stifling kids, teachers, and parents.  Follow the heroine, Constance Demetrios, as she plunges into the mystery of her boss’s death, struggling with a [...]

Visionary Look at New Schools for a New Century By Patricia Kokinos

We have another guest writer today. Patricia Kokinos is a former school teacher and administrator who has written a novel, Angel Park, about the bureaucracy, corruption, and power politics that plague public education. Her website, Change the Schools, contains much more information about the work in which she is involved. Please welcome her [...]