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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Parent at the Helm Now Available on Alltop

Parent at the Helm is happy to announce that our homeschooling and parenting news, information, articles and commentary can now be accessed from Alltop's "Top Homeschooling News" along with other outlets. Also, as a service to our readers, a stream of homeschooling news now appears on all post pages, helping you to find additional sources of [...]

Got An Education-Related Event? Get Another Link at PATH

Grandma Linda has taken part in many conferences over the years, so she knows how hard volunteers work and how many hours they donate to make such events fun and informative for everyone. In honor of these countless volunteers and their dedication, Parent at the Helm has created an Events section (you'll find it under "About") to help [...]

If It Snows a Lot, Do Children’s Brains Still Work?

The Washington Post's "Answer Sheet" contains a post regarding (what I fondly remember as) those beloved snows days that close schools. It begins thusly: Kids need work to do at home I’m not likely to make any friends among kids with this, but teachers should give their students work to do while schools are closed because of   the snow. [...]

Parent at the Helm Receives Urgent Request

Urgent message to Parents at the Helm Please just click on the link. You'll see if you can help, and I think you'll be glad that you did. Many thanks in advance!


...Parent at the Helm respectfully invites you to invite another parent to discover the connection to information and resources that help them make informed decisions regarding their children's education. It's easy! Simply send them the link to Parent at the Helm by e-mail, or by forwarding to them a post you think they might particularly like. [...]

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