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Friday March 1st 2024

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Need Money? Become a School Turn-Around Expert: No Experience Necessary

By Linda Dobson You know, more and more frequently I read the news and can't believe grown human beings are actually saying and doing what they're saying and doing. Apparently, with all the billions of dollars flying around for "school reform," people who have little to no business jumping into line with their hands out are offering [...]

National Reading Scores In (And It Ain’t Pretty)

Reporters Nick Anderson and Bill Turque pull no punches in their March 24, 2010, Washington Post article called “Reading Scores Stall Despite ‘No Child Left Behind,’ Report Finds.” They begin: “The nation's students are mired at a basic level of reading in fourth and eighth grades, their achievement in recent years largely stagnant, [...]

School Layoff Announcements Keep Rolling In: VA, NYC, NJ, IN

Let me start by saying I dislike being the bearer of bad news, but I also don’t subscribe to the ostrich theory of burying one’s head in the sand when one doesn’t like what’s going on. Like my fellow human beings, I like to be right. But being right about this snowball growing ever larger as it builds up steam is about as unpleasant as [...]

Will the $4b Bribe Bring National Standards to U.S.? By Judy Aron

By Judy Aron Here comes yet another national power grab. The U.S. government has created proposed education standards, in cooperation with "experts" who were appointed by the nation's governors and school superintendents. These standards spell out in detail what concepts and skills students should learn in every grade from K [...]

School Children Subjected to “Ammonia-Ridden Slime that May Contain Pathogens”

It was in the New York Times on December 30. On January 5, "Lessons On the Food System from the Ammonia-Hamburger Fiasco" appeared online on "Grist." From that article: "The National School Lunch Program, which forces cafeteria administrators to feed students lunch for $2.68 per student per day, is a microcosm of our cheap food system. [...]

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