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Sunday June 9th 2024

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300+ Free Online Courses from Well-Respected Universities

300+ Free Online Courses from Well-Respected Universities If you're shopping around for something to learn, check out this list of more than 300 free online courses from well-respected universities at Open Culture: The best free cultural & educational media on the web. The free online courses are listed by subject matter and are available [...]

Public Education Permeated By a Cheating Culture

By Linda Dobson Everybody's doing it, or so it seems when report after report stack up in the news. On August 6, 2010, Parent at the Helm reported on "Atlanta Suspects 109 Teachers of Testing Cheating." (We subsequently learned that the city spent $100,000 of taxpayers' money to investigate.) Indiana and Texas have public problems [...]

It Was Twenty (Nope) Twenty-Five Years Ago Today

By Linda Dobson It Was Twenty Twenty-Five Years Ago Today I wish I could say that the topics for each issue’s Road Less Traveled column appear by osmosis when needed. The truth is that they arrive more as a result of a process that begins when I realize that the next column deadline is, oh, about a month away. At that time I place the need [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Schools Embracing Technology?

By Linda Dobson While homeschooling in the 80's, my kids got a kick out of learning with a computer. After all, we had the latest and greatest: a Commodore 64 complete with all those floppy disks (when floppy disks were actually somewhat floppy) that made learning fun. There were color and shape matching for the youngest, and the Oregon Trail [...]

CA Teachers Union Calls for Newspaper Boycott as NYC Parents Demand Answers

By Linda Dobson After the Los Angeles Times ran an article they termed an "analysis of teacher effectiveness," David Sanchez, president of the California Teachers Association, said, "Publishing the database … is irresponsible and disrespectful to the hard-working teachers of Los Angeles." He has called for teachers to boycott the [...]

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