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Friday November 10th 2023

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Homeschooling Resources: Archeology

Homeschooling Resources: Archeology BY REBECCA RUPP September is NATIONAL ARCHEOLOGY MONTH.  Bones, stones, treasure, and a chance to grub around in the dirt – how awesome is that? In Kate Duke’s Archaeologists Dig for Clues (HarperCollins, 1996), one of the Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science series, three kids and their pets accompany [...]

Snow or Rain; Cool Online Learning Resources

Homeschoolers are terrific at both creating and finding online learning resources to use in their homes where learning happens everyday. When bad weather closes schools, other families can get a taste of the fun way to learn, too! This post shares just a few of the plethora of online learning resources that everyone's kids can enjoy rain or [...]

First Look at the Groundbreaking Documentary *Class Dismissed: Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America*

Just Released! First Look at the Groundbreaking Documentary Class Dismissed: Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America Announcing the first look at the upcoming documentary, Class Dismissed : Education and the Rise of Homeschooling in America, which will shatter preconceived notions around homeschooling and the families that [...]

Homeschooling: The Gift That Keeps Giving

Number one grandchild, Emily, has in the blink of an eye reached that dubious milestone known as "school aged," and yet her homeschooling continues. You can imagine this Grandma's mental cartwheels, thrilled that what I consider the gift of homeschooling is still giving within my family after all these years. And you can imagine how, er, [...]