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Sunday April 14th 2024

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U.S. Education System Cannot Be Repaired

U.S. Education System Cannot Be Repaired Many many adults are spending a whole lot of money and time and energy to "fix" the U.S. education system. There is much in-fighting among the leaders as to how the system should be fixed and, yes, there is a lot of money to be made and a lot of power to seize for whatever side may win. It is, however, a [...]

Public Schooling Revolt Begins; Will Last for Years – Part 3

The last of a three part series on the Public Schooling Revolt By Linda Dobson Okay. So far the money well is running dry. There are almost as many administrators in schools as there are students. The federal government, which has no business messing in schooling in the first place, is now calling the tunes from Washington to which your [...]

Homeschooling (In Less than 1000 Words)

By Linda Dobson HOMESCHOOLING - the act of families accepting legal, financial, and educational responsibility for their own children in a family environment; an education that is individually configured and parent- or child-led; also known as home education. Homeschooling may be accomplished in the home with a parent as primary instructor, or [...]

National Curriculum Coming to a School Near You!

But don’t look for anything spoken of as “national curriculum.” Instead, it shall be called “common core” to “sidestep the federalism debate,” according to a 3.10.10 Washington Post article by Nick Anderson called “Governors, State School Superintendents to Propose Common Academic Standards.” Yes, we wouldn’t want a debate [...]

National Education Assoc. Protecting Jobs, Not Kids

You might think this headline comes from a homeschooling advocate; in this case, you’d be wrong. These words belong to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, taken from a speech he gave to the National Education Association last summer: “When an ineffective teacher gets a chance to improve and doesn’t – and when the tenure system keeps [...]