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Friday March 1st 2024

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Imagine a Homeschooling Day

Imagine a Homeschooling Day Part 1 of 2 By Linda Dobson Would that this institution - or some institution - could become the University of Utopia. What will it be like? It will be the most enlightened institution of higher learning in the world today...Its only purpose is to educate. What a radically novel idea for an institution of higher [...]

Your Home Is Already a Homeschooling Supply Warehouse!

Your Home Is Already a Homeschooling Supply Warehouse! By Linda Dobson When life and learning co-mingle as they do in homeschooling, you begin to look at the world differently. You realize every moment holds the potential to be a learning moment, every experience is a deposit in a knowledge bank, and every "thing" can contribute to the [...]

When the School Doors Close: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

When the School Doors Close: A Midsummer Night's Dream by Linda Dobson Society faces a controversy over the comparative merits of public schools and school choice for education of children. But this controversy is diverting important energy, time, and money of parents, educators, politicians, reporters, and policy makers from the real issue. [...]

FREE Unschooling Summit May 21 – June 1

Yes, you are invited to Michelle Barone's FREE Unschooling Summit running from May 21 to June 1! About Your Unschooling Summit Host First, let Michelle Barone, MA LMFT, DCEP, tell you a bit about what's up: "I will be your host of the Unschooling Summit and I look forwarding to sharing with you my personal experiences, success stories and [...]

Homeschooling Baptism by Fire

Homeschooling Baptism by Fire By Linda Dobson Bringing a child home from school, especially under emergency circumstances, can leave you feeling as unprepared for your new "job" as if you just walked into the local hospital and volunteered to perform brain surgery. It happened to Shannon in 1991. "Not to worry" is her sound advice. "I [...]

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