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Tuesday July 16th 2024

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Take Advantage of Homeschooling’s Important Flexibility

Take Advantage of Homeschooling's Important Flexibility   BY LINDA DOBSON Homeschooling families blaze unexplored trails every day. Homeschooling. The word conjures up many different images in the minds of those who contemplate it. Some see siblings gathered around the kitchen table as their mother reviews a list of vocabulary [...]

What If…

What If... BY LINDA DOBSON What if we practiced the Golden Rule with children...all children? What if adults stopped trying to change each child's essence to make him fit into a quite confining mold of sameness as all others? What if our schools actually educated children, instead of programming them? What if we saved grading for eggs [...]

Parents Are Responsible for Children’s Education…Period

Parents Are Responsible for Children's Education...Period BY LINDA DOBSON Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it. ~ George Bernard Shaw Whatever you are thinking about your children's education at this point, one thing should be perfectly clear: The days of throwing blame for the condition of public school between [...]

Why Homeschooling Isolation Is Such a Silly Myth

Why Homeschooling Isolation Is Such a Silly Myth   BY LINDA DOBSON When researchers got around to studying homeschooling children (that darn "education phenomenon" just won't go away!) they proved on paper what home educators already knew in their hearts - homeschooling works. There now exist enough studies to quiet even the most [...]

What Happens When You Free Your Child from the Degrading Grading Experience?

What Happens When You Free Your Child from the Degrading Grading Experience? BY LINDA DOBSON Our accepted education practices greatly interfere with the brain's natural development, creating many of the learning problems schools then turn around and "fix" for us. OK, it's bad enough that school's myopic attention to the intellect creates [...]

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