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Friday April 19th 2024

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SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Schools Embracing Technology?

By Linda Dobson While homeschooling in the 80's, my kids got a kick out of learning with a computer. After all, we had the latest and greatest: a Commodore 64 complete with all those floppy disks (when floppy disks were actually somewhat floppy) that made learning fun. There were color and shape matching for the youngest, and the Oregon Trail [...]

Enjoy Latest Homeschooling Blog Carnival

Are you ready to do a little reading, little relaxing? Then I highly recommend sailing over to Renae Deckard's Life Nurturing Education blog to learn more about this wonderful homeschooling life. The theme this week is "Remember Summer." Not only will you find some enlightening and entertaining reading, Renae has included terrific photos of [...]