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Sunday April 14th 2024

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SPECIAL REPORT: K12 Sued for Lack of Performance - By Shareholders By Mary McCarthy A few weeks ago my local paper, The Reflector, printed an article announcing a new K12 affiliate near me. It is named Local River Academy (LRA) (name changed). There was no mention that the public school district is serving as “Host.” I checked [...]

A Parent’s Peek at the World of Online Learning

A Parent's Peek at the World of Online Learning By Linda Dobson Not a day goes by anymore that I don't run into at least half a dozen Internet articles, announcements, websites and more about online learning. Like everything else on the Internet, some of the information is better than others, but there is no doubt that this is a busy arena, [...]

Your Family’s Homeschooling Options by Mary McCarthy

The following piece by veteran homeschooler Mary McCarthy explains the different programs and approaches that utilize the term "homeschooling" to help your family as you begin to explore what your family might want to do with an educational option to public school. This basic outline should help save you a lot of time. As Mary suggests, it's [...]