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Friday March 1st 2024

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Mother’s Love Leads to Better Learning

Mother's Love Leads to Better Learning By Linda Dobson Scientists have now begun to prove what at least some human beings still intuitively know to be true: A mother's (or surrogate's) loving attention during the formative years is required for a child to grow healthy, happy, and strong. Now scientists are adding better at learning to the [...]

Homeschooling Resources: Artobet!

Homeschooling Resources: Artobet! By Amanda Werner Incorporating a study of the artists has always been hard for me in our homeschooling. There is so much information available that it becomes overwhelming. I have struggled with this since day one of our homeschooling journey. Do you find yourself in that same position? I have often tried [...]

If I’m Homeschooling: Will I Have Me-Time?

If I'm Homeschooling: Will I Have Me-Time? Contributed by Ann Lahrson  Fisher This is such an important question! Yes, of course you will, though you may need to plan more than your mother did. Your question points to the fact that a successful homeschooling lifestyle means that the needs of all family members are important. You absolutely [...]

A Christmas Wish List for Parent Bookworms

If you still haven't gotten your Christmas gift wish list together - and you'd like to learn a bit more about how children learn and homeschooling - here's a short list of possibilities for your list, in no particular order of importance...just plain ol' (and in some cases, pretty old!) good reading! In Their Own Way: Discovering and [...]

Parent at the Helm to Support Homeschoolers & All Parents as They Help Children Learn

Hi. By way of introduction, I'm Linda Dobson. In a nutshell? I'm a homeschool mom turned grandma turned full-time advocate for intellectually freeing children from the confines of government (public) schooling, welcoming aboard for support and encouragement homeschoolers, after-schoolers, parents whose kids are special needs, gifted, unmotivated, [...]

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