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Monday May 20th 2024

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Help for Hurricane Irene Victims In Hometown Area

Help for Hurricane Irene Victims In Hometown Area By Linda Dobson Hello! Thanks to every one of you who responded to the last post about us needing to take a few days off due to potential Hurricane Irene damage. The forecast got so nasty we made a last minute decision to evacuate (due also to my EMT son's urging). We returned to hear good [...]

7 Tips to Help Your Child Learn Without Teaching

7 Tips to Help Your Child Learn Without Teaching By Linda Dobson Children are humans. Humans learn.  That's what they do, if well-intentioned adults don't interfere with or, worse, destroy, their natural curiosity. With this basic concept in mind, let's explore seven tips that allow you to help your child learn without turning into "the [...]

Your Child, Your Choice

Your Child, Your Choice By Chad Fridal EDITOR'S NOTE: Chad prefaces his free e-book, Your Child, Your Choice: I am not an author. I am not a journalist. You may find a stray comma, fragment sentence or worse. But the truths you will find here stand on their own. If you have the grace to look past my grammar you will come to better understand [...]

Today’s Homeschooling Learning Journey

Today's Homeschooling Learning Journey By Linda Dobson HOMESCHOOLING. The word conjures up many different images in the minds of those who contemplate it. Some see siblings gathered around the kitchen table as their mother reviews a list of vocabulary words prior to a test. Others envision the families they bump into at the grocery [...]

A Tribute to Homeschool Support Groups

A Tribute to Homeschool Support Groups By Linda Dobson For the last week my e-mail box has filled with links to stories about the growing number of homeschool practitioners. The most recent articles came from Arizona, Mississippi and northern Virginia, and warmed my heart again and again. Choosing to homeschool is, for sure, a decision [...]

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