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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Great Quotes to Ponder While Shoveling Snow or Sipping Hot Cocoa

GREAT QUOTES TO PONDER WHILE SHOVELING SNOW OR SIPPING HOT COCOA When 2000 young men were asked to spell out their greatest concerns for the future, they expressed two major fears in equal weight - and absolute contradiction: fear of not having enough money, and fear of being locked in by the constant pursuit of money. To purchase freedom at [...]

On Children Living In Freedom

Just yesterday, I wrote about parents reclaiming childhood for the children they love. Just last evening, because friends are soon coming to visit and will whisk away my collection of family photos and momentos to deliver them to my children, I had cause to begin a whirlwind review of the collection. Almost as if to confirm that yesterday's [...]

Homeschooling or Not, A Plea to Reclaim Childhood

In a moment, I’m going to pass on to you, quite likely again, one of those gazillion little ditties that makes the e-mail loop every once in a while. You know, the ones that you skim through and – probably the majority of the time – delete. I’ve seen the ditty that follows at least a dozen times now, if not more, yet each time it gives [...]

One Governor’s Take On the State and Cost of Education

Okay, so maybe not everyone sits around reviewing State of the State addresses to see what governors have to say about education, but if you’re going to say “another way” is better, you’d best know what it’s better than. (Sorry, I don’t have time to get that preposition away from the end of the sentence.) Nevada’s Governor Gibbons [...]

Oz Never Did Give Nothin’ to the Children They Didn’t Already Have

This article originally appeared in Home Education Magazine in 2001. A  few references are therefore outdated, but we see them as no less important today. While interviewing grown homeschoolers and their parents for Homeschoolers' Success Stories, I heard at least six versions of a belief I have long held: You never understand the system [...]

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