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Friday April 19th 2024

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In Praise of Messy

In Praise of Messy By Wendy Priesnitz I have begun work on a new book. It all started this past week with my pollen allergy, which seems worse this year than in the past. I remembered an article I wrote in 2002 about the fact that most people and cities plant just male clone trees because they are “litter-free,” meaning they do not drop [...]

4 Top Homeschooling Performance Indicators

4 Top Homeschooling Performance Indicators By Linda Dobson I know I say this a lot, but I have to: homeschooling friends are awesome! Yesterday, when I saw an article that looked promising, I put a link to it on Parent at the Helm's Facebook page. I explained I couldn't read it right away, then requested others share their thoughts in [...]

The Happy Home Education Glossary

The Happy Home Education Glossary By Linda Dobson As with all professions, educators have their own lingo. Here for your handy referral is every homeschooling family's "Home Education Glossary." You might also find it helpful to provide to extended family members, neighbors and friends who support your home education efforts. Have several [...]

We Have What We’ve Educated For – Now What?

We Have What We've Educated For - Now What?  By Linda Dobson “You were not born to desire ‘things’ and consume more rapidly than you can earn money. Consumers are created, programmed with scientific accuracy like Pavlov’s dogs and sold something far more expensive than even the fanciest car you can imagine – the reality of a life [...]

Parent Ideas Forum Currently Focusing on Special Needs

Thanks to PATH contributor Barb Kelly who got the ball rolling, the PATH page called Parent Ideas Forum (just click on the page link up top!), is deep into discussion on kiddos with special needs. Lots of food for thought, as well as unanswered questions, for example: What about the very real issue of kids' needs going unmet in government [...]