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Thursday February 2nd 2023

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Solutions to Midnight Panic Attacks and Other Fun When You Start Homeschooling

Solutions to Midnight Panic Attacks and Other Fun When You Start Homeschooling By Linda Dobson I know, I know. All of those homeschooling moms you know seem so cool, collected, and self-assured. Lean in; shhh. I'm about to let you know what they went through when they started homeschooling. You know, just so you know they're human...just [...]

Rosy Future of Homeschooling Revealed In School Survey

Rosy Future of Homeschooling Revealed In School Survey By Linda Dobson Let's say a school district surveys parents of all its students. What percentage of said parents would you guess would answer, I've "considered other options like private school, charter school, or homeschooling"? Of the parents who answered thusly, which of the [...]

Planning on Homeschooling Just Like They Did in That Book?

Planning on Homeschooling 'Just Like They Did in That Book?' By Linda Dobson In the early years of our homeschooling, one of the few available first-person accounts of homeschooling I read was the Colfaxes' Homeschooling for Excellence (Warner, 1988). While I may have been uncertain about exactly how and what I was doing, I now knew at least [...]

Transforming Family Life And Learning Through Homeschooling (Part One of Two)

By Linda Dobson After all enjoy their fill of oatmeal and fruit, and the last child laces up his boots and adjusts his hat against the winds, a mom and her three school-aged children wave at the school bus lumbering by and head off for a walk in the woods, instead. The children grow increasingly excited as they spy the tracks of three [...]

The Value of Homeschooling Stories by Reed Colfax

Reed Colfax is a member of the homeschooling-Colfax family. His parents David and Micki are the authors of Hard Times in Paradise and Homeschooling for Excellence. When Reed wrote this at the turn of the century, he had graduated from Harvard, graduated from Yale Law School, and after several interesting jobs, was serving as a staff attorney for [...]

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