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Thursday February 2nd 2023

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival Ready to Read

Topical segments replace a theme at this week's Homeschooling Blog Carnival hosted for your reading pleasure at "Homeschooled Twins." This reading buffet starts with recapping the school year, summer reading programs and more until you reach "Freebies." That's where Parent at the Helm is this week as we share news of the "Historic Home [...]

The 331st Edition of Homeschooling Blog Carnival

This week's Homeschooling Blog Carnival is hosted at "No Fighting No Biting."  The theme is dance for, as everyone knows, it's recital time! Take time to check out the photos of the cutest little dancers in the world! Kick back in your chair, sail on over there, and read a wonderfully eclectic collection of blog posts about homeschooling. This [...]

May May May! Homeschooling Blog Carnival Available

That's right, it's Tuesday, so it must be time for the new weekly Homeschooling Blog Carnival! It's hosted by Bugs, Knights and Turkeys In the Yard, and will remind you of all the beauty of May. This week, someone at Parent at the Helm made a clerical error and shared the wrong link, taking folks to Grandma Linda's Weekly Words of Wisdom, [...]

Homeschooling Blog Carnival Available!

This week's Homeschooling Blog Carnival is hosted at "Under the Golden Apple Tree" for your reading pleasure! Parent at the Helm shared Carol Topp's (a.k.a. Homeschool CPA)  "Is It Legal to Homeschool Other People's Children?" Head on over to the apple tree to read posts from your favorite bloggers, or discover terrific new ones - hope you [...]

May Flowers Homeschooling Blog Carnival Available

Hurrah! April showers are over, and you're invited to the "May Flowers" edition of the Homeschooling Blog Carnival! Sail on over to Apollos Academy where you'll lots of great homeschooling reading tucked amongst some of the most gorgeous flowers of the season. This week, Parent at the Helm shared  "Your Child’s Education: The Buck Stops [...]

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