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Sunday January 29th 2023

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Homeschooling Blog Carnival: Tuesdays Are for Reading!

Thank goodness for the Homeschooling Blog Carnival! Each week, you receive a gift of terrific reading on Tuesday. Today, you'll find it at Spirittibee. The edition is called "School Rooms and the Places We Learn." If you're wondering what a Blog Carnival is, here's the explanation located at the beginning of this week's: Just what is a [...]

Homeschooling Blog Carnival: Tuesdays Are for Reading

Greetings, Parents at the Helm! If it's Tuesday, it must be time for great reading at the Homeschooling Blog Carnival! This week, the feast for your brain resides at "Raising Real Men" by Hal and Melanie Young. Look for your favorite homeschooling bloggers here, and discover a few new ones to bookmark and visit often! This week, Parent at the [...]