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Monday May 20th 2024

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WARNING: The U.S. College Degree Bubble Set to Burst

WARNING: The U.S. College Degree Bubble Set to Burst If you know anyone contemplating going into debt to get a college degree, please consider sharing this information with him/her for consideration. A press release from the National Inflation Association does not mince words regarding what experts have been eluding to for at least the past [...]

6 New Education Innovations: Public Schools Ever More Obsolete

Great for homeschoolers, those thinking about homeschooling should take a good look at the growing number of alternative education approaches available for the taking. Expect to see many more new and exciting ideas as information breaks through the barrier of institutionalized education's walls! The field of education is buzzing with [...]

“I Will Survive” for Homeschoolers Everywhere!

Direct from YouTube - a version of "I Will Survive" just for you!

Nestlings to Fledglings: A Life Lesson for Homeschoolers By Shay Seaborne

By Shay Seaborne One warm afternoon in late May a few years ago, the last of the baby robins fledged from the nest above our patio. The fourth nestling was a bit smaller than its siblings, and it took a few days longer for him/her to leave. It seems part of its decision to hang in there was based on the fact that, with the other birds gone, [...]

Duncan’s Reforms Will Hurt Schools: Brady’s Christmas Gift for Homeschoolers

Today's edition of contains a guest blog titled "Duncan's Reforms Will Hurt Schools." Below I'll share a few snips, but I urge you to visit the site, read in its entirety (there's so much more!), comment if you are so moved, and share word of this with parents of school-aged children you know. Thank you, Mr. Brady, for a [...]