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Friday June 21st 2024

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Sharing Life’s Best Lessons By Shay Seaborne

By Shay Seaborne Dinners together with my children offer time for lively discussion, stories, and talking about our days. They often like to hear what went on at the office, and that’s how they learned about Craig*—a cop who works in my building. He is very strange. People often wonder what's wrong with Craig. Each day I go to Craig’s [...]

Good News: eBay Lifts Ban

We're happy to bring you good news about eBay purchases this morning! Well, apparently it isn't new "news" - it's more like news that has been kept secret since July. eBay Lifts Ban on Teachers' Manuals By Ina Steiner March 17, 2010 Some online sellers were surprised to learn that eBay had lifted a ban on [...]

Too Many Parents Unaware of Kids’ Stress

Results of a study conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) called 2009 “Stress in America Survey” were released in November, 2009. Harris Interactive resided over the poll online, surveying 1568 adults over age 18, and the results were pretty predictable. We’re a very stressed-out society. At the same time, Harris [...]

Parent at the Helm to Support Homeschoolers & All Parents as They Help Children Learn

Hi. By way of introduction, I'm Linda Dobson. In a nutshell? I'm a homeschool mom turned grandma turned full-time advocate for intellectually freeing children from the confines of government (public) schooling, welcoming aboard for support and encouragement homeschoolers, after-schoolers, parents whose kids are special needs, gifted, unmotivated, [...]

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