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Friday March 1st 2024

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Come One Come All; It’s Homeschool Blog Carnival Time!

Come One Come All; It's Homeschool Blog Carnival Time! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, step right up to be the enlightened and entertained at this week's Homeschool Blog carnival. You'll need to travel over to "The Faithful Homeschool" where Amanda Jones has gathered an array of posts into "booths," including Organization, Anywhere But Here, [...]

States Making Swift Progress on Lifelong Tracking of Your Kids

States Making Swift Progress on Lifelong Tracking of Your Kids We were warned it was coming and, Boom!, it's now here, lifelong tracking of your kids, courtesy of a whole bunch of stimulus money (thank you, federal nanny!). Attention - there will be no secrets! In Education Week's "States Making Swift Progress on Student-Data Systems, Report [...]

Grandma Linda’s Weekly Homeschooling Words of Wisdom

Grandma Linda's Weekly Homeschooling Words of Wisdom May Valentine's Day remind you that you've chosen to take your family's journey guided by love. Remember to let it fill your heart and home every day, allowing your children to grow enveloped in the knowledge they are loved in their existing unique perfection. (Please do also tell them that [...]

#homeschool Daily: A New Service from Parent at the Helm

# homeschool Daily: A New Service from Parent at the Helm As Internet information sources multiply daily, it's becoming increasingly time-consuming to keep up with all of the homeschool sites you'd like to check. Parent at the Helm is happy to announce we're providing a new homeschool service that will save you lots of time! Allow me to [...]

Would Love Your Input on Homeschooling!

I've been invited to do an hour radio call-in talk show next month. I don't know anything about it except that it's well-syndicated and, well, they asked me to talk about homeschooling. I never have to be asked twice to talk about homeschooling, in the hope that reaching just one more parent will make life and learning richer and more meaningful [...]

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