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Friday April 19th 2024

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April 19 2011 Homeschooling Blog Carnival

On this Tuesday before Easter, plan to take a few minutes in peace to read the terrific homeschooling blog posts in this week's Homeschooling Blog Carnival! Where Is the Homeschooling Blog Carnival? Just take yourself over to "Small World," where this week's posts are organized in the following categories: Hands On, Figuring It Out, On Reading, [...]

Transforming Family Life and Learning Through Homeschooling (Part Two of Two)

By Linda Dobson Not Doing School-at-Home As collective buyers of books, audio and video cassettes, games, computer software, and miscellaneous resources used in educating both parents and children, homeschoolers have a voracious appetite - and keen eye. Even though it's a recently recognized market, information to assist booksellers is [...]

On Homeschooling and Reading with the Early Years Child

"The methods used are as individual as fingerprints. Once ready, homeschooled children learn to read at age 3 - or thirteen. They learn to read in one hour - or over the course of three years. They use workbooks - or comic books. They begin with easy readers - or Dad's Louis L'Amour novels. Their preparedness includes phonics or whole [...]

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