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Thursday May 23rd 2024

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NY Times Article Reveals Homeschooling Misperceptions Abound

NY Times Article Reveals Homeschooling Misperceptions Abound By Linda Dobson The homeschooling community was abuzz with news that  New York Times magazine ran a story written by someone who homeschooled in the 70s. I'm sure the title, "My Parents Were Home-Schooling Anarchists," helped sell the magazine on the article, possibly allowing the [...]

Feeling Boxed In?

Feeling Boxed In? From box to box, from cradle to grave. It's healthy to step outside the box. Stepping out may even save your sanity one day.  Home birth and homeschooling are great ways out of the box.

The Happy Home Education Glossary

The Happy Home Education Glossary By Linda Dobson As with all professions, educators have their own lingo. Here for your handy referral is every homeschooling family's "Home Education Glossary." You might also find it helpful to provide to extended family members, neighbors and friends who support your home education efforts. Have several [...]

The Art of Education: Part 2 of 4

The Art of Education: Part 2 of 4 By Linda Dobson We have sleepily accepted that each young mind exists as an empty vessel that needs to be filled with an accumulation of facts and figures, and we accept that, once accomplished, this will lead our children to success. This term - success - the goal of our backwards educational practices, [...]

Homeschool Resource Review: Mailables

Homeschool Resource Review: Mailables By Amanda Werner Birthdays are usually a great time of celebration for many families but not all families can be together when one of the members is celebrating their momentous occasion. Sometimes it is so hard to figure out which card or gift should be sent out to the birthday recipient because that [...]

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