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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Catch the Learning Lifestyle Attitude!

Catch the Learning Lifestyle Attitude! By Linda Dobson Our diverse nation is home to many different lifestyles. One family lives simply while next door a country gentleman enjoys the lifestyle of the rich. Somewhere in the same neighborhood are people living gay, religious, or feminist lifestyles. What is it that defines and determines a [...]

Parent at the Helm’s October 2011 Giveaway Winners

Parent at the Helm's October 2011 Giveaway Winners I just love sharing good news, and today's good news are the names of the TWO winners of Parent at the Helm's October 2011 Giveaway! From Family Time Fitness we have TWO annual subscriptions for fun family fitness! See also "Resource Review: Family Time Fitness" May I have a drum roll, [...]

The Art of Education: Part 3 of 4

The Art of Education: Part 3 of 4 By Linda Dobson I hope these posts lead you to  connect a  critical  message about  true education to our turbulent times and particular problems. Without connection, the message means nothing. With connection, you realize the key role only you can play in creating the solutions to the problems that [...]

We Got Her Done! Learning Coach Approach Now Available as eBook

Well, it seems it's been a long time coming but, at last, we were able to put the final touches on the eBook version of The Learning Coach Approach. As the original publisher insisted on publishing it as a hard cover (despite my protestations), the selling price was prohibitive. And that's why we were happy to do the work to turn it into an eBook [...]

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