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Friday April 12th 2024

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Yes, You CAN Afford Homeschooling!

Yes, You CAN Afford Homeschooling! By Linda Dobson How much does homeschooling cost? As much as you can afford, and not a penny more. Like everything else about homeschooling, the amount of money you put into it is flexible. Spend what you can, but don't let a lack of "disposable income" stop you. Unlked school budgets, your budget can [...]

3 Secrets from the Homeschooling Lifestyle to Help Your Child Learn

3 Secrets from the Homeschooling Lifestyle to Help Your Child Learn By Linda Dobson Chances are you're reading this post to find out what you need to do to or for your child to improve his academic and/or homeschooling success. Are you ready for a big secret? The reality is that much of what is necessary for your child's betterment depends [...]

The Hidden Harm of Children’s Stress

The Hidden Harm of Children's Stress By Linda Dobson The hidden harm of children's stress is a topic worthy of lots more attention. A lot of parents realize that today's focus on standardized test scores hurts their children because they can see the loss of exercise, the amount of learning that's falling by the wayside to concentrate on [...]

Weirdest Homeschooling Laws

Weirdest Homeschooling Laws Throwing a little bit of fun at you on a Monday, here are the "weirdest homeschooling laws" as compiled by Kathleen Iuzzolino, co-host of Kaleidoscapes discussion board for home educators and used with her kind permission in The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child: Your Complete Guide to Getting Off to the Right [...]

Decompression Time After School Attendance Described

Decompression Time After School Attendance Described By Linda Dobson To decompress means "to relieve of pressure," and no other term could better describe what homeschooling parents have found to be a saving grace for the child coming to intellectual and social freedom from schooling. Pressure created by school attendance comes from many [...]

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