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Friday June 21st 2024

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Historic School Closures Approved in Missouri

This is a follow-up story to Tuesday's report on the imminent closure of dozens of schools in Kansas City, Missouri. The vote couldn’t have been any closer. But by a 5-4 margin in front of a standing room only crowd, the Kansas City School District board voted to close almost half of its schools. In addition to the closures and [...]

The Homeschool Quiz – Fun & Easy Advocacy for Everyone!

Homeschooling is the fastest growing educational alternative in the country - are you "down" with it? Let's see! Homeschoolers can always use new tools to make their job of advocating - or simply explaining -  more exciting and fun, and there's a brand new tool in the form of a quiz sitting on It's called "Are You 'Schooled' On [...]

Three Important Practices for All Parents

Please join me in welcoming Judy Aron to Parent at the Helm with what I hope is the first of many opportunities to garner information and knowledge from a longtime homeschooling advocate. I was fortunate to meet Judy in her home state of Connecticut many years ago, before her terrific kids grew up and took off on their life adventures. Judy played [...]

Homeschool Advocacy Help

Those who know me well understand that while I engage in homeschool advocacy, I also encourage others to do the same. So, if you've ever considered organizing a homeschool conference in your neck of the woods, I'm sharing the link to Home Education Magazine's "Organizing a Conference" post. The article originally appeared in 2000, but the basics [...]