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Sunday April 5th 2020

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Homeschool Advocacy Help

Those who know me well understand that while I engage in homeschool advocacy, I also encourage others to do the same. So, if you've ever considered organizing a homeschool conference in your neck of the woods, I'm sharing the link to Home Education Magazine's "Organizing a Conference" post. The article originally appeared in 2000, but the basics [...]

Home Education Magazine Columnist Wants to Dry Out Your Kid!

Or, at least the next best thing! Home Education Magazine's Hands-On Learning columnist Kathy Ceceri is likely about to bust a gut awaiting the Dec. 1 release date of her latest book published by Nomad Press, Discover the Desert: The Driest-Places On Earth. More info and OODLES of resources available here. Kudos to Kathy, a dynamo in the home [...]

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