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Monday May 20th 2024

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Homeschooling: The Greatest Learning Journey You’ll Ever Take

Homeschooling: The Greatest Learning Journey You'll Ever Take By Linda Dobson Homeschooling. The word conjures up many different images in the minds of those who contemplate it. Some see siblings gathered around the kitchen table as their mother reviews a list of vocabulary words prior to a test. Others envision the families they bump [...]

Celebrating the Life of Homeschooling Pioneer Nancy Plent

Celebrating the Life of Homeschooling Pioneer Nancy Plent By Linda Dobson I was fortunate, indeed, to have the privilege of meeting and working with Nancy Plent many years ago. We were both writers so she asked for input on her book, An A" in Life, about some of history's most famous homeschooling giants. She coordinated a homeschooling [...]

Transforming Family Life and Learning Through Homeschooling (Part Two of Two)

By Linda Dobson Not Doing School-at-Home As collective buyers of books, audio and video cassettes, games, computer software, and miscellaneous resources used in educating both parents and children, homeschoolers have a voracious appetite - and keen eye. Even though it's a recently recognized market, information to assist booksellers is [...]

A Childhood Is a Terrible Thing to Waste: School-Induced Stress

By Linda Dobson I collect information about education in general - and public school and homeschooling, in particular - the way children used to collect trading cards. How many children today have time to collect trading cards? I ask this not because trading cards are so great, but because my collection of backed-up articles on which to report [...]

Homeschooling (In Less than 1000 Words)

By Linda Dobson HOMESCHOOLING - the act of families accepting legal, financial, and educational responsibility for their own children in a family environment; an education that is individually configured and parent- or child-led; also known as home education. Homeschooling may be accomplished in the home with a parent as primary instructor, or [...]