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Monday July 13th 2020

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It’s Hoppin’ at Parent at the Helm

Just wanted to check in with everybody and say I hope your summer is still providing you with lots of rest and relaxation and cool things to do! (My favorite t-shirt says "Endless Summer" on it.) Life is very busy here at Parent at the Helm (PATH), so I figured a quick post about that (since there hasn't been a lot of time to keep up with news) [...]

Unschooling UNEDITED

Unschooling UNEDITED

Unschooling UNEDITED by Linda Dobson There have been lots of great blog posts and responses to negative blog posts written about the unschooling fiasco presented by Good Morning America this week. Something I haven’t seen addressed, though, is bugging me. Where in the world did “news” people get the idea that unschooling is something [...]