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Tuesday March 21st 2023

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Homeschooling (In Less than 1000 Words)

By Linda Dobson HOMESCHOOLING - the act of families accepting legal, financial, and educational responsibility for their own children in a family environment; an education that is individually configured and parent- or child-led; also known as home education. Homeschooling may be accomplished in the home with a parent as primary instructor, or [...]

Appreciating Elephants By Becky Rupp

APPRECIATING ELEPHANTS By Becky Rupp September 22 – just in time for fall - is Elephant Appreciation Day. The Day seems to be the brainchild of an elephant fan from Florida, who essentially invented it all on his own – but then, why not? Who doesn’t love elephants? And there are, of course, a zillion wonderful elephant [...]

Homeschooling: The Gift That Keeps Giving

Number one grandchild, Emily, has in the blink of an eye reached that dubious milestone known as "school aged," and yet her homeschooling continues. You can imagine this Grandma's mental cartwheels, thrilled that what I consider the gift of homeschooling is still giving within my family after all these years. And you can imagine how, er, [...]

Clearing the Deck Jan. 15 2010

News of value to Parents at the Helm is endless. Unfortunately, hours in the day are not. So, from time to time, Parent at the Helm will provide a “Clearing the Deck” post, a summary of great items that shouldn't go unnoticed. HOMESCHOOLING SOARS IN FLORIDA I referred briefly to a mention of this story in a brief post, but here’s the [...]

Homeschooling Myth #4 – “You Need Teacher Training, Dearie”

First, I want to thank everyone for the feedback on previous PATH posts, particularly the one about No Child Left Behind’s impact on government school practices. It’s getting a bit time-consuming to answer everyone well, so I thought an excerpt from my 1994 book, The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child:Your Complete Guide to Getting Off to [...]