Your Family's Incredible Lifestyle Begins HERE – With Homeschooling
Sunday April 14th 2024

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Sharing Life’s Best Lessons By Shay Seaborne

By Shay Seaborne Dinners together with my children offer time for lively discussion, stories, and talking about our days. They often like to hear what went on at the office, and that’s how they learned about Craig*—a cop who works in my building. He is very strange. People often wonder what's wrong with Craig. Each day I go to Craig’s [...]

They Know How to Balance a Checkbook and Do Their Own Laundry

Yes! Real life homeschooling families comin' at ya from Wisconsin's Lakeland Times.

If Homeschooling Is So Weird, Why the Passion for It?

I feel it - passion to the point where after a too-long hiatus I'm re-dedicating my time to spreading the words about homeschooling. Others feel the passion, too. The number of homeschooling moms willing to devote unpaid time to blogging, leading support groups, holding classes, answering phone calls and more while they're also homeschooling is [...]

Holidays Highlight the Family Lifestyle

Now that my children have grown and live far away, I admit the holiday season brings on bouts of homesickness. I miss everyone every day, but at this time of year the "sickness" grows stronger. To keep myself sane (or, at least a close facsimile), I enjoy listening to and watching the families that surround me and share their holiday plans, hopes, [...]