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Friday April 19th 2024

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At a Glance: The State of U.S. Education

At a Glance: The State of U.S. Education These are the times that try parents' souls. Yes, it's the fleeting "summer vacation" from school, when parents take a good hard look at their children's lives in school and seriously consider homeschooling. To aid said parents with their decision-making, as well as to bring the information [...]

Where Do Chicago Teachers’ Kids Go to School?

Middle-class parents started bailing out of Chicago's failing schools decades ago, enrolling their kids in private schools or moving to the suburbs. As recently as 2004, a Thomas B. Fordham Institute study found that 39 percent of CPS teachers sent their own kids to private schools. I wonder what that percentage is today, given there are [...]

We Are Close, I Think, to a Tipping Point

It's the first time I've run across "'Od's Blog," written by college instructor (the blog does not state where) Steve Roney. How did I land there? Why, because today's post is about homeschooling, of course. :-) I am lovin' the attention being given to homeschooling as the nation grapples with failing schools. But I'm going to sound like the old [...]