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Saturday May 11th 2024

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How a Teen Makes the Best of Educational Freedom

How a Teen Makes the Best of Educational Freedom BY LINDSEY JOHNSON Make the best...well, the best is different for different people, so it's not easy to tell how one should make the best of her educational freedom. It depends on her own goals and ambitions and dreams. It depends on the person. The whole point of having autodidactic freedom is [...]

We Are Close, I Think, to a Tipping Point

It's the first time I've run across "'Od's Blog," written by college instructor (the blog does not state where) Steve Roney. How did I land there? Why, because today's post is about homeschooling, of course. :-) I am lovin' the attention being given to homeschooling as the nation grapples with failing schools. But I'm going to sound like the old [...]

Parent at the Helm’s July Book Giveaway

Parent at the Helm’s JULY BOOK GIVEAWAY The 15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self E-Book by Linda Dobson I have an apology to make to Parent at the Helm readers and the dozens of folks who so kindly read and provided reviews of  The 15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of [...]

Parents Are ALWAYS Responsible for Education

I may have set a Guinness Book of World Records record for Internet searches on homeschooling over the last couple of months. A good portion of the information I found pertains to starting homeschooling. One particular point is noted over and over and over again. I’ve lost count of how many times an article begins with something along the [...]