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Monday May 20th 2024

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Parent at the Helm’s April Book Giveaway!

Parent at the Helm’s APRIL BOOK GIVEAWAY I was grateful and thrilled that our book reviewer, Beth Balmanno, wanted to review The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas for her column this month which is why we're making it this month's book giveaway at Parent at the Helm! I can't write how wonderful it is here (since I wrote it), so instead [...]

Resources Resources by Becky Rupp

Resources, Resources by Becky Rupp American Science and Surplus Anybody read the Peterman catalog? It’s a clothing catalog that doubles as micro-novel. There’s a picture of a white shirt and an accompanying paragraph about walking onto the porch of a hotel in Singapore and there she is, in the shirt, sipping pink gin and leaning [...]

What’s Old Is New Again

Mom was dying of cancer. Always a practical sort, she penned a simple note - in her picture-perfect penmanship - divvying up her favorite worldly possessions. The gifts my sisters and I had bestowed upon her over the years would soon come back to each of us. The exception to our own gifts was the collection of what you might call "chunky [...]