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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Live and Learn Without School: Encouragement from Veterans

Live and Learn Without School: Encouragement from Veterans   By Laurette Lynn on Oct 10, 2011 If you are newly adjusting to a life without school then you are in for a treat! If you are quite used to learning independently, then you’ll still enjoy this interview as the Unplugged Mom hosts Linda Dobson and Debbie Harbeson.  [...]

Writing Doesn’t Have To Make You Sweat

Writing Doesn't Have To Make You Sweat By Debbie Harbeson I’m not sure why but I get many of my writing ideas while sweating profusely. Apparently sweat glands are important to my creativity. Since my favorite form of exercise is bicycle riding, I’ve learned to slide a note card and pencil inside the leg of my bicycle shorts so I can [...]

15th Anniversary Edition of *The Art of Education* Available July 4th

15th Anniversary Edition of The Art of Education Available July 4th After letting it collect dust on the bookshelf, about a year ago I had cause to re-read a good portion of The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self. This was my first book. In it, I did my best to say everything I wanted to say because, admittedly, I [...]

Top Five Ways To Have Fun In The Snow By Debbie Harbeson

By Debbie Harbeson There’s nothing like a good blizzard to inject a little adventure and fun into your family life. Sure, it can be a pain if you really need to go somewhere but the best part about snow for lazy and cheap moms like me is that snow is a toy that literally falls from the sky. Now, I’m sure you already know the typical ways [...]